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Grand Designs - Live

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grand Designs - Live

Plenty of interesting things are on Grand Designs - Live this year including that Totally Outdoors was invited to display our louver roof open and closing verandah @ Grand Designs - Live 17th to 19th October 2014.

Grand Designs - Live is an offshoot from the very popular TV series featuring Kevin McCloud is creaing a home show with a clear emphasis to helping the patrons with their up and coming project.

Totally Outdoors modern alfresco flat louver's is proving extremely popular. These competitively priced Louver projects for domestic or commercial projects caught grand design notice and so here we are at this year displaying our alfresco flat blade louver project.

With the show broken into segments such as building , indoors, outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms, technology, sustainability and floor-plans makes it easier for patrons to hone in on their interest or attend many advice centers around the show.

See Totally Outdoors on Stand K43 right next to The Architectural Associations stand.

Louver roof verandah display

Whats on This Year @ Grand Designs 2014 Melbourne!

Grand Theater - where you will be able to hear first hand from celebrity expert's plus architect's, builders, interior designers and more...

Design Stage - hosting a variety of seminars on design, color impacts and the latest sustainable principals for your home...

Expert Advice Centre - This year I've been asked to discuss and provide for people in design and planning their projects specilialising in Outdoor design. I will be  representing The Project Centre ( Totally Outdoors uses The Project Centre for all it's plans and permit requirements). I will be manning the experts section for BDAV (Building Designs Association of Victoria) Stand from Sunday 19th. So Bring your plans, sketches, photos, blue-prints, drawings, budgets and anything else relating to your project to discuss with me what your planning. Oh and there will be other expert's on this stand throughout the home show to assist you.

Sustainable Stage -  will feature speakers providing tips and advice for your next building project including innovative products & technologies, fundamentals of sustainable design, owner building and the cost benefits of sustainability.....

Experts and Celebrities - Kevin McCloud (UK) and Peter Maddison (Australia) of Grand Designs will be joined by a variety of experts sharing their knowledge on the latest trends and advice for your home....

We look forward to keeping our followers posted on any freebies including tickets if they become available. Otherwise we look forward to see you at our stand.

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Verandah Display Centre

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Verandah Display Centre

Verandah Display Centre Hallam

Due to strong demand we have extended our opening hours at our Verandah Display Centre Hallam* on Saturdays. This display center is manned to discuss your requirements (our  other Display of a Timber framed Louver Display @ Home Ideas display at Oakleigh is Open 7 Days a week see details below)

The extended opening hours will allow our potential client’s to view this undercover Verandah Display Centre on Saturdays without making appointments. Hail Rain or Shine our undercover displays make inspecting the various project options comfortable and convenient for the whole family no matter what te weather brings.


Factory 1 – 26/28 Abbott Road Hallam

New Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm

Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm or by appointment.

Verandah Display Centre

Projects on View

Centenary Carport’s and Patio colorbond projects. We have displays showing 3 different gable projects and intersecting flat roof verandahs

Solarspan insulated roof project featuring merbau timber beams and post’s.

Opening and Closing Roof Louvre Roof project featuring aluminum beams and posts.

DeckStar engineered merbau decking. This faultless decking product pre-finished and manufacturers warranty make this the one and only choice for your decking project.

To arrange your own personal appointment please contact us during business hours on 9796 6899

Home Ideas Verandah Display Centre

1686 Princes Highway
Oakleigh East
Victoria 3166
View map

Opening Times:

9.00 to 5.00 Monday to Friday
10.00 to 4.00 Saturday
11.00 to 4.00 Sunday and most public holidays

Verandah Display Centre Projects

We have a beautifully Merbau timber framed louver roofed display with Deckstar decking under Verandah. We also have a new centenary display due to be completed during August 2014 available for viewing.

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Verandah Designs

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Verandah Designs

When you begin to consider building a Verandah on your property the first item to consider is your verandah design. You will consider the design both in shape, size, materials including roofing options will be the first items on your list.

This will quickly be followed by siting (where do I want it located and what constraint's will permits enforce, if any) and what budget are you proposing to provide. Your Verandah design invariably get's influenced by siting and budget.

For those reasons it's important to start the process of planning your Verandah design early so that functions of preparing plans and applying for permits and having the appropriate budget identified and financed are achieved.

The usage you propose for your Verandah can be influenced by many things For example:

(1) Weather - Melbourne weather being different to say Brisbane

(2) Types of furniture proposed

(3) Activities proposed - outdoor kitchen, pool table and bar

(4) Privacy - is what I want to do reasonably private to my adjoining properties for the usage and activities I'm proposing?

Often we find that by ensuring the correct Verandah design and location is undertaken will provide many benefits to property and the family. Ensuring Verandah design is balanced and blended into the home in texture, colour and shape plus providing the usage outcomes required will ensure sensational lifestyle and property benefits.

We at Totally Outdoors look forward to assisting all our clients with getting the best Verandah design for your property, usage and budget.

Our design consultants are experienced staff capable of providing honest and creative advice outcomes for you.

To get your FREE onsite quote in Melbourne Metro area contact us on (03) 9796 7158 during business hours or email us through the contact form.

To start your web journey to Verandah design, here are a few web sites to review pictures of some our projects to whet your appetite. 

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Verandah Pergola Project Reviews

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Verandah Pergola Project Reviews - To see what our past customers think about our service, staff, products and building outcomes we suggest you review the real testimonials and review posts on the web to get a picture of our performance. We thank our previous client for their assistance to new clients by taking the time to tell it like it was.

We know making decisions on building your project is important and should be fully considered. The team at Totally Outdoors goals are to provide the best project outcome we can for all our clients every-time!

Verandah Pergola Project Reviews: The facts -

Mostly True Local Reviews are real reviews from real customers about real projects wart's and all. We must say that regrettably sometimes there not always posted by customers of Totally Outdoors or are posted for other reasons. That's the way it is.

Either way we feel an open publicly listed review site provide our prospective clients the contact with our previous clients outcomes. We hope it will make your decisions about trusting Totally Outdoors with your forthcoming project more certain by reviewing real reviews directly and unsolicited our customers project reviews.

Follow this link to review completed Verandah Pergola Project Reviews and Testimonials for yourself:

If you wish to view a project contact us directly RING (BH) 796 7158 - Monday to Friday or request a free quote

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Privacy and Shade Louvers

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Investing in privacy and shade louvers for your home can provide a range of benefits for your home. Our Sun Louvre Range offers a stylish solution to shading your home and also keeping it private. Options to provide Horizontal or Vertical, Fixed or Operable, the Sun Louvre Range has a design option to suit your home. The smooth designer shape is available in a range of sizes and comes with quality components to last.

Shade Louvres - Totally Outdoors

Privacy - privacy and shade louvres can provide a durable low maintenance options to provide privacy to your home. Today with smaller building blocks of high density town houses and apartments privacy louvers may also be require to provide privacy to your adjoining neighbour. Often a fixed option our Louvre range provide flexibility in colour and size plus sensational durability to ensure the visual outcome requires low maintenance.

Shade Louvre - provide exceptional benefits to shade your home and your outdoor area.  As discussed on Your Home  the Australian government website for home owners they advise "Direct sun can generate the same heat as a single bar radiator over each square metre of a surface, but effective shading can block up to 90% of this heat. By shading a building and its outdoor spaces we can reduce summer temperatures, improve comfort and save energy." 

Our Sun Louver range provide a variety of shading techniques  from fixed or adjustable shades louvers depending on your building’s orientation as well as climate and latitude.

Shade Diagram - Totally Outdoors

Considering operable louvers provide outcome flexibility to allow or deny direct sun light to dwelling or outdoor area. These options ensure the light, shade you require can be adjusted to suit time of day, usage, time of year.

Tips to learn more about privacy and shade louver benefits.

To investigate more about good product and design options why not visit Your Home web site to or purchase their your home book

To discuss and consider your best privacy or shading louver option option why not visit our Verandah Display Centre in Hallam

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Build and Renovation Expo 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Build and Renovation Expo 2014

it does provide consumers great information through free seminars, access to building expert's to plan and design your next project plus this years feature, The Modern Home.

The Modern Home

This feature at this year's Build & Renovating Expo sheds some light on innovative and realistic ways to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Visitors to the Modern Home this year will see an outdoor area containing three key features.

The Outdoor Kitchen

This has special interest to Totally Outdoors customers with everything from the gas BBQ to the kitchen sink (literally). Having that extended living area into the great outdoors provides additional family space and entertainment zone that will be the envy of many.  After you view this stand, come and see us at Totally Outdoors to arrange that perfect Verandah.


Our Stand will be at H24, close to the Modern Home exhibition.

This year will feature a Louvre opening and closing verandah roof project complete with Aluminium frame, bulkheads, lights and more.

FOR SALE: As usual and normally accompanied for plenty of customer interest our stand will be offered for sale at a special expo discount.


A fully serviced Kids Area will also help those parents wanting to do some quality researching. FREE child minding facilities, face painting, balloon clown, a Family Activity Zone (presented by My Patch) and the A-Link Building Activity Zone, there is plenty to occupy the kids or a child at heart.


Discover the Master Builders of the year.

Through these awards, the Master Builders' Association of Victoria showcases and acknowledges the outstanding craftsmanship and professional standards of Association members, while demonstrating the commitment to building excellence in the industry throughout Victoria. This expo provides a great opportunity to see a diverse range of homes under one roof.


So this year there will be plenty of reasons to come along to research and be inspired at the Build & Renovation Expo 2014. We look forward to seeing you at our stand.


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Victorian Building Authority - Building Reforms

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Victorian Building Authority building reforms, recently announced for, to cut red tape and attempt to reduce escalating costs and boost efficient in the Victorian Building segment are short on effectiveness and real assistance certainly to builders. The 36 reforms covering a wide variety of area's whilst playing with the edges of cost and red tape reductions show again why government departments cannot plot true reform due to their vested interests.

See link at VBA on reforms At a recent seminar conducted by VBA it revealed builders, designers and surveyors simply felt the reforms do not address the fact's. The growth in regulation remain unrestrained and the bullying of practitioner unrelenting.

The inability to restrain illegal building or the departments to assist practitioners to "do their best" rather than punish any infraction no matter how minor is sole destroying for those wanting to make a honest and difficult living as a building practitioner. The standard department answers being let us know and we will look into it remain unchanged.

Area's that will assist the Verandah segment are

  1. Average height on or near boundaries. The maximum average height will be increased to 3.2m from previous 3.0m. Maximum height of 3.6m remains unchanged. Trigger for town planning, where an overlay exists,  of a maximum of 3.0m remains unchanged.
  2. Registered Builders will be given licence to construct roofs previously which only plumbers could undertake.
  3. Walls on boundaries to allow a 00mm to 200mm rather than 00mm 150mm to allow for gutters fascia and the like protruding from walls.

All above items are positive moves. Items (1) and (3) particularly assisting with troublesome siting issues that quite often arise with Verandah and Carport projects.

It is all bad?

The positive is the government is trying to reform an industry that remains difficult to restrain and by nature is complex as almost no two projects are the same. Each building does have a direct influence to those directly and sometimes those indirectly involved and disputes and safety must remain in the forefront of Government, Consumers and Practitioner alike.

Other interesting Victorian Building Authority - Building Reforms include

Swimming pools, spa and their safety barriers.

VBA now undertaking sole responsibility for resolution of complaints in relation to domestic building projects.

The Victorian Government has flagged its intent to implement Victorian Building Authority building reforms by July 2014.

Certainly it will also be interesting to note how councils also implement their planning reforms also flagged to be completed by same date. We hope these can have better respect for the small lot sizes, heights and Part iv of the building code in there revisions.

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Centenary Verandahs now 100% Colorbond

Friday, April 04, 2014

Centenary Verandahs now 100% Colorbond

Centenary Verandahs are now 100% Colorbond. As was reported in The Adelaide Advertiser BlueScope Australia's largest steel manufacturer and suppliers of industry leading Colorbond brand swopped to purchase Australia's leading independent brand Fielders from Hills Industries.

The will mean Centenary Verandahs will now use 100% Colorbond production for it's Centenary beams and roofing materials plus other Fielders leading products as the takeover progresses and integrates with BlueScope businesses.

Fielders Centenary brand is well known as being Australia's leading verandah system with many benefits including strength, colour options, spans, convenient beam shape with Australia's best product warranty of 25 Years - click to view warranty here.

With the partnership of BlueScope and Fielders Centenary products they now offer their customers the best product option available. Australian made and tested with proven reliable manufacturer's delivering peace of mind to customers.

As a Platinum distributor Totally Outdoors has over 7 years product experience, training and expertise to provide you the best design and build outcome for your project.

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Cantilever Verandah Designs

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cantilever Verandah Designs

Fielders Centenary cantilever verandah designs are starting to gain interest for those area's where having conventional "both side of project" post locations. Design concept has been developed to provide a structure that can be supported to only one side of structure.

Warranty - This new cantilever verandah designs product is made from quality Colorbond steel with fielders Centenary providing a 25 years structural warranty plus the sensational Colorbond product warranty.

Fielders Centenary cantilever designs products are "Fully Engineered" to allow clients easier design and project access to this modern product plus allow easier permit approval process.

Possible locations where a Cantilever Verandah Designs can be used:

The number of possible design and project options are considerable for the cantilever verandah designs project. Totally Outdoors Melbourne's premier outdoor specialists can assist you with providing design and project options.

Domestic Projects

  • Pools - perfect for around pool areas where posts to both sides might be difficult to achieve. Concept to have structural uprights away from pool edge with project casting shade around pools edge might be an excellent solution where a fixed shade / dry solution required.
  • Carports - were post to one side ( i.e. fence side) might provide more turning and safer vehicle movement
  • BBQ and Garden Shelter Areas - where posts only to one side may provide an open and simple feel to your specific project. If under *10m2 and freestanding a building permit may not be required (* check with your local council prior to installation)

Commercial Projects

  • Councils & Schools  - Bus Stops, Walkways, Bike, Park and Playground shelters - these are all excellent options where a one sided upright location will provide public movements with the least obstruction.
  • Sporting Clubs - golf, bowls, sporting grounds to provide shelter and dry area's for public viewing locations where large bulky structure not applicable and too costly.

See Fielders Centenary for more project options - click here

Helping you with your design and project outcomes Totally Outdoor's experienced design consultants will assist with providing options and project costing for your project. For smaller applications D.I Y Kits area available for those sporting clubs and home owners to build themselves.

To contact us Ring (BH) 9796 7158 or email us now

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Install a Verandah

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Install a Verandah

Install a verandah is a common task undertaken by home owners. Getting you new home or renovating a tired old timber verandah can provide the perfect lift to any outside area. To install a verandah choices are many. Provide your home with a covered roof will provide the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Provide for covered rear exit. Provide a dry area for animals. The benefits are many from install a verandah project.

Materials and Outcomes

Budget will influence your choose of materials to install a verandah. Conventional timber project tend to be cheaper to build but will often require more maintenance.


Colorbond or Aluminum structures whilst more expensive will provide less maintenance and high durability. As pre-painted will provide a cost benefit over the life of the project.

Timber - Treated pine is the economy option. Dressed dry option providing the best outcome for strength, reliability and performance. Hardwoods will provide the best visual outcome and can add significantly to your project outcome.


There is a range of product available to use in your install a verandah project. Single skin colorbond roofing, insulated roofing and louver roofs. Each roofing options will provide different benefits and outcomes and it's in this area your project outcome will be noticeable.

Bluescope Colorbond is the leader in pre-painted metal roofing. With extended warranties and proven product outcomes it if difficult to consider another option. * Centenary Products now use exclusively Colorbond products in the beams and roofing products. Check your Builders manufacturer product source to see if it they use the real Colorbond product.

Style and Design

Making the right frame, roof and design option will ensure your project outcome will not only accomplish your usage needs but also add value to your home. Having quality products will provide significant benefits including extended warranty, durability and visual outcome.

Display Centre

We at Totally Outdoors have provided our clients with an undercover verandah and pergola display centre to assist with choosing the best product option for your budget and project design.

Do I need a Permit for my Verandah

Yes, a roofed verandah does require a building permit. Dependant upon your property and location of verandah a town planning permit or other council permissions can be also required. Our experienced design consultants can assist you in this matter.

If you require a free onsite consultant or wish to view our display centre please contact us

(t) Business Hours 9796 7158 or email us

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Design Styles

Fixed Roof - Totally Outdoors



Louvre Design - Totally Outdoors


Thank you for your interest in Totally Outdoors, specialist builders of outdoor living structures. Your enquiry is most welcome, so please provide your details below and one of our project specialists will be in touch shortly.


Thank you for your interest in Totally Outdoors, specialist builders of outdoor living structures. Your enquiry is most welcome, so please provide your details below and one of our project specialists will be in touch shortly.