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Wall Heights by Victorian Building Authority

Friday, January 31, 2014

Building Amendment (Walls and Carports on Boundaries) reform in wall heights by Victorian Building Authority on 10th December 2013 is a welcome change but is it coordinated with all segments of planning and building permit triggers.

The new look Victorian Building Authority recent reform to allow an increase in average wall height within 1.0m of boundary may assist owners wanting to build Carports whereby planning or dispensation was triggered when any part of their carport exceeded 3m (on average) regardless of siting on the property.

The average height of a boundary wall allowed without a planning permit will be increased from 3.0 to 3.2 metres under the reform. The maximum height of boundary walls is unchanged at 3.6 metres. Neighbors will be notified of any application to exceed boundary wall average or maximum heights, as per existing requirements.

Find out more about the amendments or read them in full.

Our concerns remain that most planning triggers, when in effect, are at 3.0m for any structure.

So it seems a Verandah has been ignored. Or have they and will this change flow through to Verandah's and general planning or will councils continue to maintain this trigger?

Certainly current rule, which means almost any Gable Verandah or Carport is required to undergo planning, remains a contentious thorn to owners due to cost and delay. This is heighten by council continually answering owners questions with response "pergola do not need a permit" and not drilling down to ensure question didn't relate to a Roofed project and that ResCode already adequately deals with siting issues and shouldn't need council further approval for a project to proceed.

Lets hope the Minister for Planning Mathew Guy can continue to drill down to make a more efficient and fair planning and building system. We just hope he doesn't forget the Verandah and Carport segment, which most "actual owners of properties" are having to deal with, and continues to add pressure to the approval process.

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Seven Tips to Planning your Verandah or Pergola

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seven Tips to Planning your Verandah or Pergola

To assist you we provide seven tips to planning your Verandah or Pergola outdoor area. To get the best out of your outdoor renovation you need make sure you can have a good vision of completed project outcome and the budget to achieve your goals. The following tips will make sure you have considered and decided the main factors prior to beginning constructions

  1. Usage - deciding what you propose the outdoor area to deliver to your lifestyle. things to consider include dining, sitting, privacy, cooking (BBQ location), traffic flows, light and shade, location and connection to dwelling exits, garden integration. These are just to name a few of the components to achieving a successful outdoor entertainment area. So tick off the items most important in line with budget.
  2. Freespan_banner

  3. Design - checking out design options including materials will set the direction of outcome and cost. Once you have decided your preferred options have a concept plan prepared to visualise and develop your outdoor area will ensure the finish result matches your concept.
  4. Plans - no different to any building getting plans prepared that you or your builder can provide realistic quote and then build to will ensure outcome planned will be achieved.
  5. Budget - have a realistic budget to complete your full project. If the above plan process is followed this will ensure invited Builders are all quoting the same project outcome including materials. So ensuring your budget is reasonable to otherwise you will find yourself cutting corners in design, materials, finish and builder.
  6. Builder - certainly undertaking a project as a "do it yourself builder" is an option if you have the knowledge, time, supply and builder contacts to pull together all the components of your project. If this not an option, which for many find themselves unable to ensure all components are achieved, selecting an experienced builder with a proven record may be the best option for you. Select a builder with experience in your type of  project's is a sensible decision to ensure best outcome. Do not make selection on price alone if it seems too good it probably isn't.
  7. property-search-logo

  8. Timeframe - provide ample time to plan - select builder - achieve permit approval and finally build time including material procurement, delivery and construction. Minimum lead-time to achieve above process will be 3 - 4 months if no council planning or approvals required from start to finish. Permits - the building permit is normally not a long process (10 - 14 days once lodged) once other approvals received. Council approval can take minimum 2 months and are need prior to obtaining a building permit. So start your project planning early to avoid any disappointment.

Here a some good links to assist with your planning process.

Victorian Building Authority - to understand more about building

Local Council Planning Portal - to see what planning and building restrictions and requirements in your area

Home Ideas Centre - good place to see products first hand

Totally Outdoors Display Centre -our display centre for verandahs and ergots

Verandah & Pergola Designs - facebook site for pergola and verandah designs and ideas

Property Search - for details on your property

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Solarspan Outdoor Rooms

Monday, January 13, 2014

Solarspan Outdoor Rooms

Tips to beat the heat this Summer in your outdoor area by building your verandah or pergola using an insulated Roofing product. This will had a range of benefits that a standard single skin roof product can’t provide. The same style’s and shape of your verandah can be achieved.

Totally Outdoors can provide many design options and project outcomes using timber, steel or rendered frames to match your dwelling to provide a exceptional alfresco type outcome to your outdoor area.

Insulated Roof Benefits to your Verandah or Pergola include:

Heat and Cold Protection – this means that on hot sunny days no radiant heat will pass through the roof providing a much more comfortable and desirable outdoor area. Add bonus is this protection is not only a benefit during the summer but also on those autumn and spring evening will ensure on cold penetrating through the roof extending your usage of your outdoor area.

Ceiling to Verandah – your verandah will have a ceiling like finish. This will allow opportunity to provide lights and fans anywhere. This alfresco finish can now look like part of the dwelling rather than a add-on type outcome.

Protection to Furnishing – being insulated with a ceiling no more condensation so no awful dripping from the underside of your roof morning and evening. This allow furniture to be protected and reduce clean and soiling. Perfect for items such as electrical items (TV’s) and soft furnishings. Extends and protect’s your area and saves you money.

See our web site for more information of insulated roof projects – link or visit Solarspan our insulated roof manufacturer for more reasons to consider an insulated roof verandah or pergola

Display Centre – at our Hallam indoor display centre view an example of an insulated roof verandah.

Times: Open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm or Saturdays by appointment.

Tips to beat the heat this Summer – Contact us now to arrange your personal viewing at display centre or an onsite design consultation.

Ring us today (BH) 9796 7158 or email us and we will contact you

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Whats the best Verandah Designs

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whats the best Verandah Designs

In considering whats the best Verandah designs for your needs a range of outcomes should be considered.

We suggest to start your process on planning your outdoor area should consider a range of equally but important comments to ensure your dream of the perfect outdoor area can be achieved within the budget parameters your willing to provide.

To asset you we list some of the main items to consider whats the best verandah designs for you to consider. These include:

Location - where is project likely to be located on property. This to consider include : light impact to dwelling, restrictions in building codes, available space to achieve outdoor living goals.

Style - what style would suit your existing conditions. Ensuring that proposed style not only looks good for new verandah but also enhances the balance between dwelling and verandah.

Light, Shade and Heat - consider the orientation of the sun for the full year. It area sunny, partially shaded, get morning or afternoon sun. Light to indoor rooms remaining after completion of verandah.

Budget - ensuring your budget can meet they project outcome your considering. This will allow you to focus on style outcomes and options that add value to dwelling and lifestyle you were want to achieve.

Durability and Finish - by selecting project materials that provide proven performance, durability and low maintenance should be provide equal weight to ensure outcome ticks all the boxes. The options can included pre-finished materials requiring little or no maintenance or raw products (i.e.: timber) requiring further expense to finish and constant maintenance and re-freshening.

Construction - this area you will need to consider either to "Do it yourself", seek a local handyman builder but still remain the owner builder or select a registered builder who can manage the design, planning and permits, sourcing and supply of materials, providing experienced labour, project supervision and after sales service such as warranty. p>

Plans and Permit - not to be lightly dismissed most find this the most difficult process to manage to navigate and achieve. The impact of local council planning overlays and approvals (if required), designing to comply with building codes and requirements, plan preparation, building permits etc., are a major process need to be achieve to ensure your project is successful. To review and ensure if your project needs a building permit follow this link to Victorian Building Authority or contact your local council.

Whats the best Verandah Designs - is ultimately achieving the best outcome for your project and budget and adds value to your home and outdoor living desires. Lastly by ensuring your project complies with local and government codes will ensure your efforts to add value to your property and lifestyle are achieved. This will escape the added stress of being required to remove your project or high costs to ensure it complies once it's built.

Totally Outdoors is proven builder confident we can work with our clients to provide you the best information, proven warranty backed project materials, flexible design options, project management and professional installation to ensure a successful outcome to your outdoor project.

To contact us and arrange a personal viewing of your displays centres in Hallam or Oakleigh, or an on-site design consultant Please ring (BH) 03-9796 6899 or email us

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Do I need a Building Permit - Melbourne Pergola - Verandah

Monday, October 21, 2013

Do I need a Building Permit - Melbourne Pergola - Verandah

When considering "Do I need a Building Permit - Melbourne Pergola- Verandah in your backyard ensuring that it complies with government regulations is becoming a first consideration to ensuring your goals can be achieved.

The growing complexity via BCA, ResCode and Town Planning need to be satisfied. A Verandah is an extension of a dwelling triggering of rules and requirements to get council or building modification approval prior to obtaining a building permit.

Pergolas under 20m2 - if complying to town planning and general building requirements Melbourne pergola might not need a planning or building permit.

Note: A pergola is a unroofed project. This means no roofing at all. If uncertain check with your local Municipal Building Surveyor at your council. Pergolas over 20m2 will need a building permit.

Verandah - is a roofed project whereby gutters are required to control discharge of water and many more rules are associated to these projects including:

  • Shadowing - to adjoining properties, dwelling, habitual windows and private open spaces.
  • Height - to boundaries, council requirements
  • Length - to boundaries
  • Size - including site coverage (often properties can only have either 50 or 60% maximum site coverage ie: total building within a lot.
  • Materials - type , durability, colours etc.
  • Design and style including impact to adding dwellings, streetscape, prevailing adjacent sites.
  • Fire considerations including Bush Fire requirements. separation to habitual buildings
  • Location and setback requirements just to name a few of the items reviewed for every project.

Do I need a Planning Permit? (Melbourne pergola - Verandah)

The best way to find out whether you need a planning permit is to contact your local council's Planning Department.

While building permits generally relate to the construction of a building or development, planning permits relate to the zoning of the land, including whether the land can be used for residential or commercial developments.

Not all projects need a planning permit. Melbourne Pergola or Verandah buildings will need to be reviewed and some councils and zones do have exempt's applicable relating to these project types but regrettably some do not or have almost silly requirements for triggering a town planning application.

A main course of triggering being structures above 3m ( this means almost any gabled verandah structure is included) and floors above 800mm.

  • Remember applying for a Planning or Building application does guarantee approval.
  • Timeframes are a minimum 8 - 12 weeks from lodgement with councils generally treating a Verandah no different to a town house development in terms of procedure and timeframe.
  • If council see open area, height, site coverage not to their (councils staff) individual liking then a project might simply be rejected regardless of little to no impact to surround area.

We find this process a main cause of owner discouragement about doing a building legally and frustration to outcome and timeframe outcomes. Please don't blame the builder or drafting company generally its not their fault as their goal is your goal.

This link a useful resource and a good preparation is to check what council planning is applicable to your property.

A good preparation for your property is to check what council planning is applicable to your property

Do I need a building permit for my project?

This is a very common question and essentially most projects will require a building permit. There are some exemptions and certainly many uninformed builders and friends can unknowingly provide incomplete advice.

It best to check if you need a building permit to ensure your project will comply to building and planning requirements. Ensuring you have a copy of your house plans will be required to ensure building plans can be prepared.

The following links provide valuable information :


So its clear there is a very long list of things to consider when the question Do I need a building permit - Melbourne Pergola - Verandah for my project is raised. The answer can never all be fully known until all information concerning your properties existing conditions and zoning are reviewed and impact from proposed project fully considered.

Even when we do this every day every situation is site specific and does require therefore specific review. Our experience can provide an expectation but we don't provide the approval.

Note: Not always will council's approve owners requirement and there is variations between one approval in one council and that approval for the same project in another location or council.

To reduce your costs your own investigation prior to employing us to "apply for permits" will provide you an full understanding of what might be required, including costs and timeframes. We are always willing to provide our view at the earliest oppertunity in development of your project.

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Outdoor Room Designs

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outdoor Room Designs

Your outdoor room designs should be reviewing and considering a range of proposed uses for your area. This review of life style proposes  and general use can set a basis for the best design, size and materials to ensure the outdoor living area is successful.

Totally Outdoors will need to know a budget as without a clear direction in this regard our solutions may not match this important fact.

Items might include:


Consider area to include:

  • Outdoor dining area
  • Lounge
  • Spa
  • Cooking
  • Bar

Furniture to be accommodated:

  • Dining table and chairs
  • Lounge chairs
  • Plants
  • Animal shelters
  • Cooking - bbq
  • Entertainment items such as table tennis, kids toys

Roof type

Solarspan Verandah flat with merbau pergola

  • Gable - meaning pitch style
  • Flat (also know as skillion)

These to style pre resent the basis for various design options that flow by deciding if you believe a pitched style will better serve your needs.

Pitch styles will provide higher ceiling areas, sense of space, more usage options.

Design shape must also include what surfaces, style and options provided by the proposed outdoor area being considered. Totally Outdoors can provide many normal or custom options because our suppliers have the best spans and standard connection options available.

Design your structure away from the dwelling also may provide design, light, space and movement options that a project joined to the dwelling cannot always offer. Totally Outdoors design consultants are experienced to provide positive design options aimed at a successful lifestyle and assets positive outcomes rather than a price point sale restrictive solutions aimed at obtaining a sale..


Timber- best to reflect of performance, durability then outcome painted or stained. Timber can be provided in many forms good or bad.

Totally Outdoors suggest's to consider only clear proven options.

These to include:

  • PrePrimed F/Jointed Dressed Treated Pine which deliver's defect free high performance engineered Radiate pine
  • Merbau - a hardwood with proven durability, visual appeal and high strength and fire resistance qualities.
  • Australian Hardwoods - Dressed and Kiln dried. Mostly for painted options where hight strength might be required due to span or mininalistic requirements required.
Steel and Aluminium - Totally Outdoors provide Colorbond or Aluminium frame outcomes.
  • Centenary High gloss colorbond is a sensational option for external structures. Provided with engineering, good range of commonly used colours, 25 year manufacturers warranty plus more ensures trouble free low maintenance projects.
  • Aluminum in powder coated or anodised colours can provide sleek high durable outcomes. With a full range of colour options available will ensure your colour section might be realised.

Floor types - options include paving, decking and various concrete options.

Totally Outdoors can assist with timber decking options.

Planning- ensure you allow enough timeframe for plans, council approvals, building permits and then building to the place. Even with trouble free permit processes lead-times can be 6 - 8 weeks minimum from agreements and a confirmation site measure through to start of building. If other approvals required to get a building permit approved then this process can easily be 12 - 20 weeks especially if town planning process required. Totally Outdoors does manage this process via The Project Centre to ensure a professional and experience advice and process.

We hope this overview of approach will help with your planning, budgeting,  design and lifestyle outcome decisions to achieve your goals for your proposed outdoor room designs. Our Display is open weekdays to also assist with your material and design.

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Louvre Roof Designs

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Louvre Roof Designs

Louvre Roof Designs Totally Outdoors provides clients with many types of louvre roof designs. Key factors when considering the advantages and benefits of a Louvre roof design is the need to control weather (rain), light and shade both into the dwelling and the outside entertainment area. The louvre roof can best deal with these factors unlike a fixed roof option.

Pitch Options - Firstly your louvre roof design is based on having as much light into the dwelling but with the added bonus of controlling heat when required. Totally Outdoors louvre do have a 160 degree pitch of blade to provide light options from either side of Verandah. This exclusive option provide clients with ability to maintain and control light (heat) dependant upon time of year. Its our experience id client don't consider an opening and closing roof unless they they really need and want light control. Frame Options - Totally Outdoors and provide a range of frame options in their Louvre Roof designs. These include:

Colorbond frames - these frames via Fielder Centenary offer 25 year warranty with provide outcomes. These are a high gloss frame with matching bracketing and components.

Aluminum frames - providing increase colour options. Clean lines and match colour options providing benefits where colorbond colours not selected. Rendered frames - when matching your existing home materials rendered bulkheads and columns can make a "grand" statement footprint extension to your home. options.

Timber frames - we have a range of timber options but mainly offer either Kiln Dried Hardwood for painted outcomes or Kiln Dried dressed Merbau for stained finishes. Both these timber options provide strong, stable and durable options

Other Design Options - Totally Outdoors is attempting to add value to your home. We are not focused on being cheap rather being. professional with the outcome of your project first in our company goals. We can provide design options incorporating other panel products, blending of roof types as we seek with you your best outcome. Areas of Supply and Installation - Totally Outdoors is a truly Melbourne based builder however we do consider projects along Geelong, Bellarine and Mornington Peninsula and areas along the Great Ocean Road. These outlying district area's plus throughout the Greater Melbourne suburbs we provide both supply (of materials only) or full or particle installation. For Builders and Architect's we provide practical service and installation options when your considering our Louvre roof product for your projects.

Ring our office on 03-9796 7158 during business hours or contact via email button_email and we will contact you within 48 hours. Display Centre - open weekdays or Saturday by appointment.

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Lovely Verandah Display

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lovely Verandah Display

Totally Outdoors with Fielders Centenary provided a lovely Verandah Display at recent Herald Sun Home Show at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank.

This home show display continued our and Fielders Centenary's desire to provide a realistic display showing the many benefits and advantages received when choosing a Centenary Verandah for your Outdoors Living area. The display provided home show patrons with a classic gabled style featuring Centenary "freespan" C Deck roofing. This Hi-Tenstile roof allow reduction in internal battens and other structural components. Strong clean open feel to Centenary Verandah is a substantial improvement to typical colorbond structures. Centenary larger two piece beams plus their research and development has provided a robust solutions to providing a sleek internal finish. High Gloss outcomes to roof, beams and posts also have a lovely outcome to the internal and external features of Verandah. Unlike standard colour bond Centenary Hi-Gloss finish provide a noticeable light and appealing outcome to the structure. The picture shown below certiany demonstrates this sensational outcome.

The extra benefits of a 25 year structural warranty provides customers with peace of mind over many product options within the outdoors pergola and verandah offerings. Fielders Centenary have a proven product developed over many years of development to withstand the riggers of Australian conditions. We know that your project is important and we know our product will perform. Styles and Roof Outcomes - Totally Outdoors have the products and experience to provide a range of roofing outcomes.

Double side colorbond including insulated roofs plus Opening and Closing louvre roofs. These design possibilities with the best product warranties ensures the discerning home owner will get the best quality and project outcomes available.

Area's of Coverage - Totally Outdoors does install throughout the greater melbourne Metropolitan area and beyond. Areas such as bayside suburbs of Brighton, Sandringham, Black Rock to Portsea, Sorrento and other Mornington Peninsula area's to eastern areas such as Ringwood, Mount Waverley, Wantirna, Eltham to the western areas of Doreen, Taylor's Lakes.

Do It Yourself Kits - for those who wish to install themselves we can provide made to measure kits. Plans and Permits - All Totally Outdoors installed projects will include architectural plans and building permits. We know this is required and out professional approach and outcome to your project will be compromised by suggesting permits are not required if they are. When considering your project check with your local council building department to confirm what builders are telling you to save money for them. Display Centre - we have an indoor Display Centre showing a large range of projects Pergolas, verandahs, Insulated and Opening and Closing Louvre Roof displays.

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Planning your project Verandah or Pergola

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Planning your project Verandah or Pergola

Planning your project Verandah or Pergola - Totally Outdoors takes great pride at offering more to our clients. We consider the planning your project Verandah or Pergola structure is critical  due to the impact it has on your outdoor living area and therefore the success of the whole project.

We are a Professional Builder are interested in the outcome adding value to both clients lifestyle requirements plus that the project will add value to your home investment. We provide proven warrantied products to ensure peace of mind that consistency, quality and performance that is assured. Our trained staff with over 20 years building experience in home improvement sector ensure a quality building through planning, organisation and supervised works outcome.

All projects are architecturally designed, council and building permitted and supervised to ensure our's and out clients goals can be reasonably achieved on time on budget. The flexibility to provide multiple project options in frames, roofing and associated items such as decking, screens, blinds, walls, handrails and more provide clients a single builder to design, plan and achieve the project and budget goals.

Planning your project Verandah or Pergola will take into account a range of items clients normally need ticked off.


big tickHow will it look- our design consultants have over 10 years involvement with home improvements. They will be able to listen and suggest options for your project. They are interested in your outcome.

big tickWhat frame will best blend with our home- Totally Outdoors is not restricted on products but they must be warrantied, have consistent quality and long term durability. This ensures we can design what you need and not be restricted as all our products meet these base requirements.

big tickFlexibility to choose best Roof for my requirements- manufacturers we source and represent do provide the best product warranties in the market. We do offer a substantial range of products with the building experience to make the project work. See links below to review our main product suppliers.

big tickWhat should my budget be- we know this is always a sensitive issue but when we know what your scope of budget could be then the right design, product and finish required can be explored to ensure the the right outcome can be achieved.

big tickWhat product warranties are offered- all product warranties remain with manufacturer but we will handle any issue for our client that arise. This is our commitment and as our manufacturers all Australian owned, all products Australian produced from companies with greater than 50 years of continuous product supply provide extra peace of mind.(refer our web site for further direct warranties - product downloads).

big tickWhat is workmanship period- we offer minimum 10 years workmanship warranties to all projects (refers Victorian government websites for what is a workmanship warranty - click).

So if your planning your project Verandah or Pergola structure and want an experience professional builder who will work with you to get the best result then we hope you will consider discussing your needs and requirements with Totally Outdoors.

Our products include:

cent&fielders logo no frame Part of Hills Industries, from the icon Hills hoist has a proven name for over 80 years of identifying and supplying quality Australian made products to Australians

Eclipse - Opening Roof Logo    From HV Aluminium a family business active in home improvement projects since mid 1960's with the Eclipse Louvre's initial developed and improved continually since 1989

Solarspan logo    Bondor has 50 years of experience in the insulated panel industry and are part of the Metecno Group which is one of the largest innovators of insulated products in the world.

LVL-&-Deckstar-Logo-Final  With over 30 years suppling Australian's with their timber needs Deckstar provides clients with an engineered Timber decking with a 10 year Warranty.

"Trust us we will deliver"

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Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show

Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show 15th to 18 August 2013

Totally Outdoors and Centenary will be at Melbourne’s longest running Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show in August. The Herald and Sun Melbourne Home show provide patrons the ability to see for all the latest products, services and innovations for your home improvement project. This home show we will be featuring a Centenary "freespan" Gable Verandah which will demonstrate the substantial benefits Centenary Verandah's and Carports systems has to offer

Clear spans - with spans up to 10 meters plus

Roofing - Display will feature Centenary Hi-tenstil roofing providing minimal internal framing for a sleek modern finish. Centenary also has a large range of possible roof finishes such as Opening and Closing Louvre and Insulated roof options.

More colours - Centenary provides the best selection of standard colours in a high gloss finish.

Best Warranty - market leader with 25 years manufacturers warranty providing owners peace of mid to the durability and performance of products under Australian conditions.

Made in Australia - part of Hills Industries Fielders Centenary has the experince to delivery a quality product made for Australian conditions. Centenary have ensured their products will perform in Australian backyards as a Pergola, Verandah or Patio without the need for continual maintenance. Find us on stand N24 where Totally Outdoors will be representing Fielders Centenary to assist Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show patrons with any questions about Fielders Centenary and what project options Totally Outdoors Melbourne No1 Outdoor living builder can assist you with.

Display Stand for Sale - Centenary display stand will be sold at Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show. Prior offers invited. Decision will be to confirm sale to highest bidder by 7.30pm Saturday 17th August. Ring 9796 7158 during office hours or see us on Stand N24 for more details. Stand will include - Centenary Verandah, walls, lighting, grass floor - in other words as is where is.. Other great projects ideas from Totally Outdoors

See our Under cover Display Centre Factory 1, 26-28 Abbott Road Hallam

To arrange an appointment please ring (BH) 9796 7158 or email us button_email We look forward to see you at Herald Sun Melbourne Home Show between 15th & 18th August 2013

Totally Outdoors is a Platinum Distributor for Fielders Centenary

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Design Styles

Fixed Roof - Totally Outdoors



Louvre Design - Totally Outdoors


Thank you for your interest in Totally Outdoors, specialist builders of outdoor living structures. Your enquiry is most welcome, so please provide your details below and one of our project specialists will be in touch shortly.


Thank you for your interest in Totally Outdoors, specialist builders of outdoor living structures. Your enquiry is most welcome, so please provide your details below and one of our project specialists will be in touch shortly.