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Centenary Freespan Verandahs and Pergola

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Centenary Freespan Verandahs and Pergola

Centenary Freespan Verandahs and Pergola in planning your Outdoor area a Freespan Verandah might just be the innovative & fresh outcome your searching for.

Freespan is unlike what has been available over many years via traditional timber & steel structures. Timber and many other steel structures feature beams, rafters and battens then collar ties (when a Gable structure is considered).

Totally Outdoors and Fielders Centenary have developed the "freespan verandah" reducing this clutter.

So whats is "Centenary Freespan Verandahs and Pergola"?

Well in a nutshell there is no rafters, batters or collar ties required in a wide range of widths and design styles.

This development using Centenary C deck High Tensile roofing or Solarspan Insulated Roofing provides a clean non clutter approach to the modern Verandah.

Freespan clean lines and the omission of low collar ties provides a great feeling of space. This options is only available in Centenary Verandahs with spans up to 8meters in Freespan. Some options offer up to 12 meters. Fielders Centenary Verandah simply is the leader in premium quality steel products for outdoor entertainment areas.

Freespan is available in Centenary Full range of roof colour options and features in the Centenary C deck option. C Deck provides a grooved underside for a "lining type gloss finish" providing a sensational visual outcome with double sided colour finish.

Solarspan Insulated Roof provides a full Alfresco ceiling finish plus insulated for temperature control with the added bonus of no condensation. No wet furniture again.

Why is Centenary Freespan better than the rest?

Fielder Centenary provide the best clear spans and design flexibility within the Australian market for a number of reasons.

Bigger Beam Sizes - assist's with providing extra strength of each member. Full steel connectors without need for plastic fillers.

Two Piece Construction - providing less deflection and contributing to extra stability and performance under most climate climate conditions.

Fully Engineered - Nothing left to chance Fielder Centenary Distributors are fully trained in cutting edge computer engineering to ensure that your project specification is checked and double checked for each and every project.

Made to Measure - all Centenary Freespan Verandahs and Pergola are made to measure. Pre-cut at manufacturer ensuring better joins and fit for your quality project.

Premium Grades - there's no games Fielder Centenary only produce a premiun range of products no lesser products to confuse its customers.

Confidence - As part of Hills Industries Group - Fielder Centenary has been a company assisting and supplying its customers for over 100 years. Fielders Centenary offering a 20 years manufacturers warranty says it all.

Display Centre - Totally Outdoors display centre open weekdays and weekends (by appointment) is available to view product and provide project estimates for your upcoming outdoor entertainment project.

So if a Totally Outdoors Centenary Freespan Verandahs or Pergola might just be what your looking for "modern, fresh and innovative outdoor structure constructed by an experienced  builder then we  suggest

Contact Us - If your thinking for getting your project underway why not give us a call to arrange for a FREE onsite design consulation or arrange a private inspection of our Display Centre

Telephone: (BH) 9796 7158

Email:  @ and we will contact within 48 hours to discuss your needs

Location: Our under cover display centre is at Factory I, 26-28 Abbott Road Hallam Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm or Saturdays by appointment.

Verandah Designs: Display Centre features a range of Verandah Designs including Centenary Freespan Verandahs and Pergola plus Solarspan Insulated Roofing and Eclipse Opening and Closing Louver Roofing.

Totally Outdoors is a platinum distributor for Fielders Centenary Patios and Verandahs.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


This Christmas Totally Outdoors offering a Free Onsite Check measure for your DIY Pergola Kits Order. This special offer is a saving from our usual $250 onsite measure - DIY Pergola Kit for Melbourne Metro Clients.

This service is a check measure to ensure your have provided us with the correct measurements for your made to measure DIY Colorbond Pergola Kit. Under normal circumstances we will provide method and advice to measure your project area yourself.


This service is often requested by customers who just want to make certain of their measurements and site readiness. Our trained staff will evaluate your measurements provided check and confirm the items needed to ensure your Kit is ordered correctly.


This offer is only applicable for orders and deposits received prior to 20th November 2012 so your DIY Pergola Kit can be delivered prior to Christmas Close down. Details of this offer can be found here

No, certainly we will offer advice and method for your to measure your site effectively. As we state it's a check measure only. For area's outside Melbourne Metro please contact our sales staff for details of how to measure. Check out our DIY Pergola Kit web site for more details here - link

Note: This service not normally needed for Freestanding Kits however should you require us to view site we will.

12 Reasons to consider a Centenary DIY Pergola Kit - here

Totally Outdoors providing products and projects "Built to Last" 

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DIY Pergola Verandah Carport Kits

Thursday, November 01, 2012

DIY Pergola Verandah Carport Kits






Considering to purchase a colorbond steel DIY Pergola - Verandah - Carport Kit can be more difficult than what some make it feel. What is in the Kit, is it pre cut, what components are included, what else do I need to purchase? What quality, what does the beams and rafters look like, do they have my colours?

What Warranty is offered? Who's the manufacturer if something goes wrong?

All of the questions a reasonable and important and why we at Totally Outdoors advertise our manufacturers name to ensure you our customer can have confidence that if something did go wrong you could depend on a known respected supplier.

Centenary DIY Pergola Kits are manufactured by Fielders and national steel company part of the Hills Industry Group. With over 100 years servicing Australia your confidence that the right processes are in place to "get your Kit to site on time as ordered". Totally Outdoors as a platinum distributor continues this sense of confidence that your project needs and requirements will be professionally managed and a fully trained to configure your Kit for your needs.

Not just a bunch of planks bolts and nuts left on your nature strip!


Centenary pre-manufacturered DIY Pergola Kits are the best Coloured Steel Kit built for Australian's and Australian conditions.

Kits are pre cut to your made to measure requirements. Kits come with what you need to build your project including engineering for permits and all attachments including stirrups for in ground application. (no we don't just put the colorbond posts into ground).

So with your Kit instructions and your components cut purchasing a pre-manufactuered Kit takes the guess work out of your project. Once you have advised us your measurements and location for project we can assist with configuring and ensuring you have what you.

(Items not normally supplied: Concrete, storm water pipes and masonry bolts are not supplied)

Delivery: All Kits are delivered to Site. We provide the largest delivery options of all Australian producers. With the largest range of colour, biggest span, and widest range of design options Centenary Kits might be just what you need.

See our DIY Pergola Kit page for getting started and measuring instructions to get your quote. See our products Centenary Pergolas and Carports for supplier info.

See our Display Centre to pick your best options - Open Monday to Friday




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Display Centre Open Day

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Display Centre Open Day

Another successfully Display Centre Open Day at our offices and display centre in Hallam was completed yesterday Saturday 27th October 2012.

Display's include a range of styles and products within an under cover location. Types of Outdoors Living Structures include: Pergolas, Verandahs, Carports Alfresco projects promoting Colorbond and Aluminium products.

Double sided roofing, Aluminium Louvers plus insulated roofing panels mean the centre provides flexibility and products to meet a range of designs, styles and budgets. Thank you for all those clients who came an visited us during their the 4th Display Centre Open Day.

We know how hard it is to take the time to come and visit us. Certainly it helps to just discuss the possibilities looking at the products that may be used to provide the outcome our clients are wanting for their homes. Clients certainly seems to embrace the opportunity to see what the products look like and be in a better place to decided and visualise the outcome and budget needed to accomplish their needs.

OPEN DAY OFFER Fielders Centenary Verandahs & Patios $500 Bunnings Voucher deal will end 15th November for installed projects signed up by that date.

Display Centre Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm Saturday: by appointment only.

Address: Factory 1, 26-28 Abbott Road Hallam Telephone: 9796 7158 - during business hours.

Suppliers @ Display Centres

Eclipse Opening and Closing Louver Roofing

Solarspan Insulated Roofing Panels

Fielders Centenary Patios Carports & Verandahs

Check out our Display Centre on the web here

Arrange a Quote: If you're thinking of building a Pergola or Verandah give us a call on 9796 17158 (during business hours) to arrange a free on site consultation (Melbourne Metro) or arrange to have a private viewing at our display centre to discuss your project Email us here and we will contact you within 48 hours.

Totally Outdoors emphasis is quality products and Projects "built to last"

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Pergola Display Centre Open Day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Totally Outdoors in conjunction with Fielders Centenary Verandah, Carports and Patio's  is holding a Special Pergola Display Centre Open Day this Saturday 27th October 2012.

Totally Outdoors is a specialists distributor and builder of Outdoor Entertainment areas using a range of quality Australian made products specifically made for Australian conditions.

Pergola Display Centre  Open day features these leading Manufacturers:

Fielders Centenary Verandahs, Carports and Patio systems -using high quality gloss colorbond steel. With warranties of 20 years this product is unequaled for style and performance.

SolarSpan Roofing- featuring insulated roofing solutions for the perfect Alfresco outcome. Solarspan offer owners protection from heat and cold via their insulated roof with a ceiling. Simply considered when only the best will do.

Eclipse Opening and Closing Louver Roofing - leader in louver roofing solutions. Featuring Aluminium blades (perfect for by the sea), stainless steel fitting and fully flexible operable motorised system offer 180 degree flexibility for both shade and closed for a dry outcome.

Decking - DeckStar manufactured timber decking solutions. Offer 10 year warranty DeckStar is Australia's only timber product willing to back its products on your patio.

Where: Factory 1 - 26/28 Abbott Road Hallam

When: from 9.ooam to 3.30pm Saturday 27th October 2012

Contact us: (BH) 9796 7158 or find us on the web at 

Specials Deals:Fielders is offering all clients who sign up for a project before the 15th November 2012 a $500 Bunnings Voucher redeemable upon completion and payment of a fully installed Centenary Verandah or Carport system.

What can you expect: Our full undercover display centre features a range of styles and roofing outcomes from Australia's leading manufacturers. Our display Centre provides customers the opportunity to touch, feel and visualise their own home project plus discuss the possibilities for your home.

Who and Why: So if your just thinking of doing a project in the future and just want some ideas or advice or your wanting to get one started for this summer and take advantage of Centenary Show Special come in and have a look down at Pergola Display Centre Melbourne. Remember we will be open rain hail or shine because our Display centre is fully under cover for your comfort.

Totally Outdoors emphasis is quality products for quality projects

"Built to Last"

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Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In planning your new outdoor area the Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah is a perfect solution where shade, rain and light are a required factor. Certainly small confined areas with limited light or dwellings where southern windows can't afford losing their light source into the dwelling are prime examples.


Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah roof systems have been providing Verandah options for over 20 years. The opening and closing roof project offers a combination of ventilation, shade, light and when closed fully water proof outcomes. Having the ability to add or subtract the light (sun) into your outdoor area provide you with the ability to control heat from the sun to suit your needs. Ventilation also handy when that Barbie is being used or allow breeze to flow through your outdoor area on those hot summer days.


Totally Outdoors provides our clients with two proven Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah roofed options from two of Australia's proven quality Australian manufacturers who have developed their products over many years to be leaders in providing the best opening and closing roof products in Australia. Totally Outdoors can and does also integrates is other Australian leading brands Solarspan (Insulated Roof and walling products) and Fielders Centenary Verandah and Patio beams and roofing products into one outdoor living solution. Our aluminium blade products simply product trouble free outcomes not found in standard colorbond blade options.

Eclipse Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah Roof System


This louvered roofed system is a proven winner combining the quality of moulded Aluminum blades with stainless steel components with 10 year manufacturer warranty on their blades deliverers a water proof system with 180 degree blade movement.

With fully powder coated blades Eclipse system blades can be made to order for colour matching that colorbond blades can't provide. Increased durability from the aluminium and stainless steel components ensure rust and general maintenance is significantly reduced. Eclipse certainly proves great performance and outcome with no concessions.

Space Span Living Systems - Skyroof  *TM


Space Span Louver roofed system delivers a further enhancement in opening and closing roofed options. SpaceSpans Skyroof options provides wider spans (up to 3.9m ) with clean uncluttered lines operated using european motor hardwired or remote using standard 240v power.

Space Span ticks Totally Outdoors minimum quality requirements of Moulded Aluminium blades with maximum benefits from a leading Australian manufacturer including 180 degree movement, choice of bade profiles, powercaoted to order,optional rain sensor, hand or wall mounted remotes, multiple operating zones, no visible operating system plus many more system benefits that ensure quality performance and outcome.

Space Span Opening and Closing Skyroof *TM is a sensational upmarket solution for customer demanding the best outcome whether it be for domestic or commercial applications. Skyroof *TM simply takes opening and closing louvered verandah roof systems to the next level. Totally Outdoors is very excited to have two of Australia's leading manufacturers choosing Totally Outdoors to distribute and install their Opening and Closing Louvered Verandah products within Metro melbourne and Victoria. Best products = best practice = best outcomes - it just doesn't get better than that. We at Totally Outdoors will be happy to discuss your needs and budget to suggest the right opening and closing louvered verandah outcome for your project.

Planning your project outcome


We at Totally Outdoors know that getting the right outcome for your project does take carefully planning and consideration of the best product design outcome for your budget and lifestyle needs.

So in planning your project contact us to discuss your needs, budget and design requirements, visit our display centre to ensure our products match your needs and then arrange your free on site design consultation.

Our Display Centre is open Monday to Friday9.00am to 4.30pm or Saturday by appointment.

Verandah Display Centre is located at Factory 1 - 26/28 Abbott Road Hallam

RING US NOW Telephone us during Business Hours on 9796 7158 or email us   and we will contact you with 48 hours.

*Skyroof is a licensed trademark of Spacespan Living Systems

Totally Outdoors emphasis is quality products and projects "Built to Last"

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Solarspan Verandahs

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Solarspan Verandahs

With the extension of entertaining outside the main dwelling the  Solarspan Verandah options may just be the perfect solution to your outdoor living area. Totally Outdoors with its flexibility of multiple roof options has over the last 5 years shown how an insulated Solarspan verandah roof can make that perfect outdoor alfresco area or room become a reality.


Alfresco living of having a verandah with a ceiling lights and fans has become common place in Australian outdoor living. Totally Outdoors has taken this approach into external add on verandah by using Solarspan Insulated roofing. Totally  Outdoors own recent innovation of  attractive skylights between sheets has provided welcome light to dwelling windows and under project without the heat of a standard verandah roof.

Benefits of Alfresco living include:


Hot and Cold - Solarsapn is an insulated roofing product providing insulated comfort all year round. Solarspan roofing products have the ability to be a cooler during the hot summer days or a warmer during autumn, winter and spring living than traditional Verandah outcomes. Protect your outdoor furniture- Bondor's Solarspan Verandah Roofing also has no condensation (no drips from under the sheets on the sunny mornings) a major plus to your outdoor assets and those morning when areas become wet due to traditional condensation of metal and polycarbonate roofing sheets. Reduced cleaning and lower maintenance.

Visual Appeal - A full finished ceiling provide outstanding visual feel that normal roofing simply cannot provide. A finished ceiling provide clean ceiling without unsightly rafters, battens and roofing sheets usually associated as the visual outcome of a verandah.

Warranty - minimum 10 years manufacturers warranty provides peace of mind plus it's low maintenance a further benefit.

Lighting, Heaters and Fans - the ceiling finish provides options to install lighting, fans and heating options that sheet roofing doesn't allow.

Deadens Noise means if its raining being under a solarspan roof will be like being inside. The insulated core reducing noise from rain and hail.

Design Options - your project can have a variety of roof shapes and designs to blend in with your dwelling and enhance the value of your property. Totally Outdoors also can blend this project outcome with their full range of product options including Centenary frames and Eclipse roofing provide their clients with the best quality design options avaliable.

Outdoor Rooms- Solarspan Verandah can be fully open or have Bondors self supporting insulated walls to fully or partially enclose your area to provide standalone outdoor sunrooms or shelters. The options are only limited by budget and design options both of which Totally Outdoors design consultants can assist you in getting the best outcome for every project.

Why & Where

Solarspan is the modern solution to outdoor living proudly distributed and installed by Totally Outdoors.

With over 20 years experience in outdoor living Totally Outdoors is Melbourne No1 builder in innovation, product options and design of attractive  and quality built Outdoor Living Structures.

To see info see our web site or download brochure here

See our display centre for a range of different product project examples from Totally Outdoors for all budgets and needs.

Display Opening Hours Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 4.30pm Saturdays  - Open by Appointment

To contact us

Telephone:  Business Hours 9796 7158

Email us anytime to arrange Free onsite design consultation or your personal viewing of our display centre   

Totally Outdoors emphasis is quality products and projects that are professionally  "built to last"

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How to plan my Outdoor Area - Part one

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Plans my Outdoor Area Part One

When considering "how to plan my Outdoor area" and a Verandah design option is a common project structure to consider. The type of roof style (visual outcome) its performance (shade and shelter) normally the major  reasons it is considered.

Part One

In this the first of three examinations of "How to Plan my Outdoor Area" we will study Location and Light and Shelter. These two components are connected and set the pattern for what other components completing your vision of your outdoor area will take. Clearly the actual size of outdoor area will determine what can be done, but never forget keep some open area with ability to get direct sun light will ensure a good balanced outdoor (backyard) area. Location, Function, Light & Shade, Protection from Rain, Style (design) are some of the varied issues you should tick off for your roofed area.


Generally a large amount of Verandah's are located on or around the main rear exit to our outdoor area. Often coming from the lounge , kitchen or rumpus room with where a possible connection to inside enhance the effectiveness of the outdoor area.

The right location will be ensuring you have the space to accomplish your needs and usage that you envisage from your outdoor area. Often best to provide your outdoor area with both undercover and open (uncovered) areas. It is important to get a blend of these two outdoor requirements. Remember you don't go outside to go under just another roof.

Whilst hard to give a rule such as must here or there, as in a small confined yard a roof area might be just an effective dry area at the entrance to the dwelling. A north facing yard might allow and demand more shade. A south-facing backyard might need extra protection from rain but might feel cold and dark if roof type not correct. Therefore consider sun (light and shade) in all 4 seasons with considerations of impact from various roofed options. Location perfection might be a reasonably sunny position where you control the environment. Certainly a dull damp dark outcome to an outdoor area is not a good outcome. Our Design Consultants have the expertise of providing the advice you need to consider your best out come for your property. Remember your structure will be a long time so provide the correct consideration to its location.

 Function - What and how much space do I  need?

Many people have different needs and requirements from their outdoor areas. Some might be entertainers for family &/or friends others just want to enjoy their gardens and private open space. Knowing your needs and preferred outcomes will ensure you choice will be successful. Size of Verandah - simply doesn't always need to cover total area, but ensuring it covers possibly items such as the main rear exit, main furniture times and cooking equipment might be minimum  requirements.  Provide good area's for daily traffic (without need to constantly move items) and general usage also a consideration. The outdoors areas floor also a main consideration.In sunny hot areas concrete or paving can be hot and uncomfortable and therefore require shade. Timber decking perfect for hotter elevations. Most non-elevated areas allow more floor options than a an elevated location where decking can only be considered. Remember: Just increasing the size beyond a reasonable amount may therefore not achieve any particular goals. Not also what shade is produced by dwelling and what shade might be thrown by Verandah. With emphasis to afternoon sun knowing where areas get nice shade might provide increase summer living areas (see below).

Light & Shade - Consider the Sun

Design of your Verandah should have outcomes that provides good internal light under project, where possible, throughout the year. Dependant upon time of year clients searching for the verandah options often the time of year of the enquiry clouds their preference. In summer generally we think of hot humid sunny days and make our verandah decision purely on that need. As recommended above think about the whole year as we (in southern Australia) really only have a limited hot days. If in Queensland where heat a more constant issue insulated and shade a prime concern. Think therefore about the whole year (not just at the time of quotation), what you like and want from the area, and what impact a roof might have to inside your home. Our design consultants have a multitude of roof options to  be able to provide the right options to consider. Seasons in Melbourne Summer - some hot days, sun higher in sky, longer days, great to be outside, plenty of light Autumn - sunny but cooler milder days, more chance of rain, great time of year for sitting in the sun morning noon and night Winter - any sun welcomed, sun lower in sky and day light lost by late afternoon. Rain - already over it and backyard what backyard see you in the spring. Spring - gardening, increased sunny days, wind oh wind go away, great time for sitting in the sun, thinking of having friends around. Whilst your lifestyles might be somewhat different to above, our seasons do dictate our needs and considering them in our project outcome will provide many benefits.

Considerations might be: North - West Elevation
  • Consider a spread of skylight in your Verandah that provides even light. More Metal sheets (often colorbond) to reduce heat and temper light and heat.
  • Ensure skylight have a heat reduction factor.
  • Preference towards non glare skylight options
South - East
  • Higher spread level of skylights
  • Skylights that offer wider throw of light
  • Design of Verandah to encourage great ambient light.

Reducing light significantly maybe not be a welcomed option, although reducing summer heat may be just what may be required. Hot summer suns can turn your home into an oven so projects with north elevation can have significant cooling benefits but remember ensure you still have good natural winter light. Remember the complete reverse happen on the south elevation.

Remember: big's not better. The right design and the right light/shade option will be what works in your area. Maybe a more expensive design with light or shade options might outweigh an overbearing huge Verandah structure of similar cost. Open space and shade from your proposed Verandah should be considered.

Suggestion:  Indicate to your builder your budget range and your area needs that way they might be able to assist with providing options to suit both budget and usage.

Our Options Centenary Verandah - significant roof style options ranging from skillion, gabled, curved, hipped and every combination of the four base shapes. combined with 20 years structural warranty hard to go past. Solarspan - a sensational insulated roof products than can be used with centenary or timber outcomes. Providing alfresco outcomes right through to outdoor room applications. Eclipse - opening and closing roofing. A leader in louver roofing with aluminium blades and stainless steel fittings. Opening and Closing roofing providing light, shade and protection from rain…. simply they have it all for the outdoor roof.

See our display centre to touch feel and decide your best outcome

Getting a Quote: Provide clear project needs and a reasonable workable budget range will ensure you get the valuable input from our designers to make your outdoor area a success. We do ask our staff to listen and learn what you need. So don't be afraid to tell us what you need. We cover the greater Melbourne Metro and surrounding area's but supply our products throughout Victoria. Welcome designer, builder and DIY enquiries. Contact us now to start the process started  

Part Two

In part two we will deal with protection from the elements and design options for your Verandah.

 Totally Outdoors emphasis is professional service with products and projects

"Built to Last"

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Centenary Herald Sun Home Show Offer

Friday, August 17, 2012

Centenary Herald Sun Home Show Offer

The Centenary Herald Sun Home Show offer is a sensational opportunity to receive a $500 Bunnings gift voucher from the Fielder Centenary and Totally Outdoors Melbourne leading Verandah builder.

Herald & Sun Home @ Exhibition Building Southbank Melbourne - from August 16th to 19th August 2012 … more

This offer is a reward for choosing Australia's leading manufacture of Verandah products and the only producer providing a manufactures 20 year warranty. The offer does require: We are offering a $500 Bunnings gift voucher for all Centenary kits for an installed project purchased within the promotional period. The following Terms and Conditions do apply:

  • Bunnings gift card promotion is offered by Totally Outdoors as part of the 2012 Herald Sun Home Show
  • Offer is valid for purchases of a fully installed Centenary carport, verandah or patio within the promotional period
  • Only one gift card per household. Card to be provided on completion of project.
  • Registration to be completed by 1st Sep 2012 (request for quotation via lead sheet at the show)
  • Contract must be signed and deposit paid for the Centenary project with Totally Outdoors by 1st Oct 2012
  • Materials must be delivered to site by 31st Jan 2013
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other manufacturer or builder promotion, offer or quotation prior to 15th August 2012.
  • Gift Voucher is issued by Fielders Centenary when project fully complete including payment.

So yes its not a raffle for which you may not get the prize or a deal where prize goes up to provide for the cash back.

Every purchaser of a fully installed Centenary project receives the gift card if the above terms are achieved.

We have therefore tried to provide a reasonable acceptance period to ensure we quote and design the project you need

We have also allowed, under normal conditions and subject to council approvals, more and adequate time for project to be completed. This offer is only for installed projects which must be a full Centenary project.

See our web site for a sensational range of outdoor pergolas and verandah projects many of which feature the full Centenary product range.

To arrange a quote with Totally Outdoors to have your project completed by Christmas RING NOW 9796 7158 (during business hours monday to friday) or email us now to arrange a no obligation design consultation for your proposed project.

DISPLAY CENTRE - UNDERCOVER We know that deciding what product and style to purchase is difficult. Totally Outdoors has a range of Centenary Verandah displays in our undercover display centre. So you can visit hail rain or shine to share a coffee and comfortably view, touch and feel the products and look at a range of styles to ensure your project design will be what you wanted.

The Display Centre is Open Weekdays from 9.00am to 4.30pm or arrange a personal viewing weekends by appointment. Visit our Centenary product page to review many reasons why Fielders Centenary verandah are the leaders for Colorbond Frames Verandahs and Pergolas throughout Australia….. more Look forward to seeing you at the home show or give a ring to get your project underway now for Christmas

Totally Outdoors emphasis is professional service with products and projects that are "Built to Last"

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Cantaport a fresh approach in design

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cantaport a fresh approach in design

The introduction to Melbourne  of the Cantaport is a fresh approach in design in off the shelf domestic and commercial roofed projects. Featuring a cantilevered shading system the single or double sided curved roofing outcome is providing plenty of discussion due to it's many usage and project options.

Project Area's

Whether it's for a domestic application including dwelling but also smaller site areas such as town house or retirement home developments or commercial such as council and in areas such as playgrounds, sporting areas, bus, bike and general shelters the cantaport system does provide some great design and location options the normal approach of minimum 4 post structures simply can't deliver.

Why is it so?

The Cantaport unique two post system for both a single or a double sided fully pre -engineered (reducing cost in design and certification) certainly provides solutions for  site locations with the hassle of inventing design solutions to common applications that has previously been the case. Its ability to have clean lines and open access ticks a rage of usage requirements.

The Cantaport unique two post system for both a single or a double sided, fully pre -engineered (reducing cost in design and certification) certainly provides design solutions for  site locations without the hassle of inventing design and engineering solutions to common applications, that has previously been the case. Cantaport ability to have clean lines and open access ticks a rage of usage requirements.

Home applications might include

  • Carports - single, double and triple options plus continuos length versions.
  • Home projects including Verandah, Pergola and patio covered applications specially in unattached or freestanding situations.Being a shade only application may assist in small backyards such as town houses, units and the like where council require non-blockout roofs to private open spaces.
  • Shade structures such as a cover for a BBQ area or near a pool…. the options are simply endless.

Commercial applications could be

  • Bus, bike and general shelter application for schools, council and community type assembly area's.
  • Sporting ground applications for shade and cover.
  • Retirement villages and applications where shade are perquisite such as kinder gardens, play grounds and parks.

Reason to consider are many such as:

  • Slim-line & smooth appearance with matching gutters & rainwater downpipes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Engineered & certified to Australian Standards & wind ratings
  • Strong & durable…….. more

Getting things going

So if your looking for  a fresh approach with interesting design and application advantages why not consider a Cantaport solution for your project. 99% UV and 70% Heat reduction

Cantaport may just deliver what you need and Totally Outdoors is just the Builder to entrust your next project design and build.

Ring Us during Business Hours on 9796 6899 or email us for us to contact you.  on your project needs.

Totally Outdoors is a preferred distributor and installer for other leading Australian manufactured products. For more information…….To read more

Totally Outdoors - emphasis on products and project's that are "Built to Last"

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Design Styles

Fixed Roof - Totally Outdoors



Louvre Design - Totally Outdoors


Thank you for your interest in Totally Outdoors, specialist builders of outdoor living structures. Your enquiry is most welcome, so please provide your details below and one of our project specialists will be in touch shortly.


Thank you for your interest in Totally Outdoors, specialist builders of outdoor living structures. Your enquiry is most welcome, so please provide your details below and one of our project specialists will be in touch shortly.